How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) Full Movie

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
7.7/10 by 2427 users
Original Title: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Release: Jan 03, 2019
Runtime: 104 min.
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English
Plot: As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia, Toothless’ discovery of an untamed, elusive mate draws the Night Fury away. When danger mounts at home and Hiccup’s reign as village chief is tested, both dragon and rider must make impossible decisions to save their kind.

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A Review by Del29

by Del29

"i got the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of this movie its pretty great i laughed out loud and really had feelings for the characters in this movie its a good choice for older kids i dont think however its a good idea for younger kids its more dark the villans more frightening then before the movie is good very good though"


A Review by betty.vogl

by betty.vogl

"The best dream-works movie yet for kids and quizlet teens !!! It has a great story, great animation and great characters here's my review: The story: 10/10 the animation: 10/10 and the characters: 10/10 the movie: 10/10!!!"


A Review by Gimly

by Gimly

"I feel **veeeeery** much that we've done this dance before now. I definitely didn't hate _The Hidden World_, the animation's pretty speccy, Toothless is eternally adorable, some of the creature design is pretty cool (especially the new bad guy's beasties) and I appreciate ending a franchise on your own terms. But to me, this is still definitely the low point of the trilogy. Not crap, for sure, but hit on a lot of things I genuinely don't care for. _Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._"